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About us

The Apex World Mindfulness Project is a radical new approach to a holistic lifestyle f. We combine proven methods of the fields of

  • natural building with holistic design
  • mindful consulting and coaching seminars
  • Thai Massage with Healthy Food Herbs, Reflexology,
  • Weight Loss
  • Cooking
  • Medieval Gym
  • Medieval Living and Working
  • Personality Coaching
  • Permaculture,
  • Arts Village
  • and combine them with a healing system of transforming ourselves and the environment.
  • Our Special : Mindful Seminars for Managers

This amazing system has been scientifically researched by the University of Murcia, Spain and has shown amazing results! So come in and be part of the worldwide change to a better you for a better world!


In every area of life people need each other. Private or business.

We need each other reinforced to have success, to change the world and the society in a positive way.

Primary – working with the new generation … education, health, environment ..and communication
How can we do this ? Logical consequence : Social equity and sustainable communities.

The intersection of all three areas of sustainability, economy, environment,
and equality, are necessary to the creations of a sustainable community.

Working Projects